Many newspaper are printed the popular newspaper are Hindu, Times of India, Sakshi, Eenadu, Deccan Chronicle, Vaartha etc.

The information is collected from the journalist is carried to the company and make them to print at night 12’o clock after printing the newspaper is circulated to all the areas. The newspaper is printed in many languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, and Tamil etc. The newspaper is published at national, international wise.

The newspaper has information on different topics such as politics, sports, about products, and about accidents and some government news, advertisements and some business news. Newspapers also entertain us with film news and information about celebrities and some stories puzzles for the children’s.

Newspaper is categorized into many factors:

1. Fixed portion

2. Immediate spacing

3. Advertisements

Fixed portion: newspaper prints the news which is highlighted on the front page. In front page the business information is not printed so there is some fixed position to print the news. For example the highlighted news in the front pane and sports and business information is printed in last pages.

Immediate spacing: Before printing some space is left if any news is supposed to print immediately.

Advertisements: Advertisement of different products or different companies for recruitments or advertisements for the wedding or ceremony etc are printed in the newspaper.

Distribution and transportation system:

Newspaper is circulated with in internal city, from city to district, city to manuals, city to towns and from city to villages. Newspaper is circulated from one place to another place. The newspaper published in one area and distributed to the distributors who are in other areas. From those distributors the newspapers are circulated to all colonies by the newspaper boy. Circulation is done very fast with in night. From 4’o clock the newspaper is circulated to houses, companies, colleges, schools, supermarkets, shopkeepers etc. There is no printing machine is some cities so from Hyderabad the newspaper is transported. The journalist sends the information which they have gathered. The editor place the information at right position and checks all information which are send by the journalist if any grammatical mistakes are there and make them to print. The newspapers are carried on the vehicles with huge bundles to different areas after printing. At once the information is printed on both sides of the paper. A daily newspaper is printed in same manner but in some national holidays the paper is not printed. In Sundays some extra additional categories are placed such as weekly boots, stories to make people to read. Mostly newspaper published in the morning. The number of copies of newspaper circulated daily. The newspapers are printed each page and kept in serial wise. The newspapers are packed differently such as main paper in one bundle, family paper in one bundle and district paper in one bundle, Hyderabad zone paper in one bundle. The distributor takes the papers from one-one bundle and put them in one order such as every newspaper contains main paper, family paper, district paper and in Sundays the weekly book. After putting in order the newspaper is circulated to all the people.


Newspaper reading has become a habit of human being. The newspaper is published at nationalPsychology Articles, international and distributed to local and non local. The newspaper printing is done in all cities and distributed to the distributors of the local areas and then circulated all the people. Circulation is done very fast.

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